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High Risk Life Insurance: How To Get Approved

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Written By Doug Mitchell

Doug Mitchell, CLU holds a BA degree in Finance from Auburn University as well as having obtained a Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU) designation from The American College in Bryn Mahr, PA.  Doug has spent close to 30 years in the insurance and financial planning industry and has held licenses to sell securities, long-term care insurance, health.  Doug is also a financial blogger addressing the topics of life insurance, annuities and retirement income planning.

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Holly Mitchell’s background in life insurance insurance goes back to 1985 when she worked for her father who was a New York Life agent. Holly has a marketing degree from Auburn University and has had a life insurance license since 2008. In addition to advising life insurance for customers all around the country, Holly is our website fact checker.

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Rob Pinner is the founder and CEO of Pinner Financial Services servicing all 50 states. Rob started his insurance career in 2002.

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Results-driven and innovative life insurance professional with 30 plus years of life insurance industry sales and marketing experience. Recognized as a pioneer in the field, leveraging phone and internet channels to exceed personal sales of over $100 million during the first decade of the 21st century. Creator of a highly effective intuitive IUL life insurance sales software that facilitated the sale of millions of dollars of indexed universal policies by numerous life insurance agents. Proven track record as a Managing General Agent (MGA), Life Agent, IUL Life Insurance Sales Software developer, and leading-edge creator of insurance marketing tools, educational content, and delivery systems.

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We’ve all heard a lot of talk these days about pre-existing medical conditions for health coverage, and at first glance, life insurance policies are no different.

One of the first considerations an insurance provider looks at is how “high risk” you are.

That doesn’t mean however that if you are in a high risk bracket you’ll be denied a policy.

The only real difference is if you have a clean bill of health or not.

If you do have pre-existing conditions, it’s best to work with a high risk life insurance agent, also called an impaired risk specialist.

In this post, we’ll look at some of the issues related to health risk factors when it comes to shopping for and selecting the right life insurance policy.

High Risk Life Insurance With A Medical Condition

Since its inception, has been focused on helping people in all walks of life to get the right life insurance policies for their needs.

We have been successful in assisting scores of clients considered, “high risk” and with “pre-existing medical conditions” get approved for life insurance, and do so on favorable terms.

Many well-known and well-publicized conditions and ailments that may put you into a high-risk category do not necessarily disqualify you from getting insured.

Far from it, in fact.

But there’s no question that suffering from a serious condition you need to consult with an independent high-risk broker who can properly represent you and your interests, and get you the widest possible spectrum of quotes from leading insurers, as well as be knowledgeable as far as which companies are more likely to approve you for coverage.

The fact is that clients with a wide range of common health or neurological conditions including the following do have a shot at getting a plan issued:

Other Factors:

Personal Health and Sub-Standard “Table” Ratings

While most generally healthy individuals fall into the categories of “Preferred” or “Standard”, those who have pre-existing health conditions and are considered to be a higher risk and as such will most likely receive a “Sub-Standard Rating”.

These are also sometimes referred to as “Table Ratings” which involve a fairly complex scoring system combining a complex set of letters or numbers.

This is not something you should concern yourself with. But generally, the lower the number, the lower the price of the policy.

Have You Ever Been Declined?

If you were ever declined an insurance policy in the past, this doesn’t mean that you will be declined again.

Perhaps it was not the right insurance company, or the representative you were working with didn’t have experience in helping people with pre-existing conditions get approved for coverage.

The point here is, even if you were ever refused a policy, it probably had more to do with the company or people you were dealing with, than the reality of the industry.

Don’t take the easy way out; the policy for you is available, regardless of your situation or current state of health, is to work through an independent broker.

Independent brokers provide a big advantage in that they can give you access to the largest selection of companies and policies, and put the odds of getting insured and finding the right plan very much in your favor.

Part of the challenge for your average insurance policy buyer is the fact that Insurance companies differ on the type of risk they are willing to insure. But that doesn’t mean another company won’t insure you and possibly even on better terms. specializes in “high risk” cases and boasts a long and successful track record working with clients with pre-existing medical conditions. Casting the net as widely as possible, and helping you sift through the catch, we bring your terms to over 30 life insurance companies nationwide.

In the process, we look for the right match for you and your particular situation. Every insurance company is different, and it’s good to find the right fit. We will find you the company and the policy that best suits you, your family and your needs.

If for whatever reason you are further declined, there remain plenty of options to get you and your family insured including policies under the categories “Guaranteed Acceptance” or “Graded Benefit Life Insurance“.

No Medical Exam or Guaranteed Acceptance Insurance Policies

If a carrier has not approved an application before because of your health, there are still several options to get insurance coverage.

Nobody should have to go without the insurance protection that their family needs. One option for coverage is to purchase a no medical exam plan. These plans will allow you to get insurance coverage forgoing a med exam as part of your application.

There are several advantages to these plans to be mindful of as you search for a life insurance policy.

The biggest advantage is that anyone can purchase a no medical exam plan or a guaranteed issue policy, in spite of health or any pre-existing conditions. No family should be left with debts and bills, and these plans can give you peace knowing your survivors can pay off any final expenses.

Another benefit of these plans is the approval period is way faster than you would be approved without a traditional insurance plan.

With traditional life insurance the waiting period could be months long, but with no medical exams, you receive insurance protection in days. If you’re wanting to be approved as quickly as possible, a no exam policy is the best option for you.

There are several pitfalls to these policies to understand, and the biggest one is monthly price compared to other life insurance options.

When the company fully underwrites a policy it gives the team a clearer understand of your health situation. Without the medical exam, the carrier is taking a larger risk to give you life insurance, which is going to translate into higher monthly premiums for your plan.

Limitation of face value is another reason that these no medical exam plans may not be the choice for you. If you need more coverage than this, you’ll have to buy two policies or look at a traditional plan.

While no exam and guaranteed issue plans are a great option for coverage, you should always consider these plans a last resort for life insurance. Even if you’ve been declined previously, we can help you be approved for a traditional term insurance policy.

Every company has various medical underwriting requirements, which means that every company is going to view your application differently.

It’s important that you find the perfect company for you. It could decide whether your application is declined for life insurance or getting an affordable plan.

Consider Term Life Insurance for Impaired Risks

In our experience, the way you approach searching out a quote or policy can play a decisive role in getting the right plan or policy.

For example, there are certain cases when we recommend a Term Life Policy instead of a Permanent Life Policy as it may help widen the options among firms competing for your business and keep costs low for those considered high risk.

Working with over 30 life insurance companies, and many known for their handling of  “High Risk” cases of people with pre-existing conditions, such as:

Among others, BestLifeQuote will help you get the best selection of options, and choose just the right policy for you.

Nobody wants to think about dying. It’s a morbid thought, but it’s something that you can’t avoid, and not planning for it is a risky decision.

Would it be difficult for your survivors to live the same lifestyle they’re accustomed to if you were to pass away?

Accidents by definition are unplanned. So start formulating a plan now to protect your loved ones for the future.

Being high-risk is okay, but it also means you should talk to experienced brokers who understand coverage options in the insurance space.

Our agents have lots of experience working with high-risk applicants, such as smokers and our research proves we will fight for you to get approved for coverage.

Don’t waste your time on the phone calling dozens of companies, let us do all of that work for you.


To receive a custom quote fill out the form on this page or call us at 1-800-712-8519.

Picture of Doug Mitchell, CLU

Doug Mitchell, CLU

Doug Mitchell, CLU holds a BA degree in Finance from Auburn University as well as having obtained a Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU) designation from The American College in Bryn Mahr, PA. Doug has spent close to 30 years in the life insurance and financial planning industry and has held licenses to sell securities, long-term care insurance, health. Some other notable items about Doug: Top of the Table Million Dollar Round Table member (MDRT). (MDRT is a global, independent association of the world’s leading life insurance advisors) | Premier Partner with Lincoln Financial and Cabinet Member | Served two years as President of the Auburn/Opelika Association of Financial Advisors | Life Millionaire status at Horace Mann Insurance Company and was awarded the Life Agent of the Year Award | New York Life, Executive Council Member | Currently serves as President of Ogletree Financial, a life insurance General Agency. | Doug is also a financial blogger addressing the topics of life insurance, annuities and retirement income planning.

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