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At Best Life Quote we believe that when families can compare Life Insurance quotes on their own terms, they win. If our approach seems a little different it’s because we‘re not your typical broker. Because we work with all major insurance companies, we are beholden to no one but you, our client.

If you’ve ever gone shopping for home or car insurance you know what a challenge it can be. Finding the right Life Insurance is no different. From the time it takes to find competent representatives and request quotes, to the daunting task of making a real apples-to-apples comparison on the different types of life insurance, it’s no wonder so many families let the insurance companies hold all of the cards.

With over a decade of experience working with all of the major national and state carriers, we put families in the driver’s seat to the policy on their terms and their budget. They enjoy the peace of mind of an affordable life insurance policy that’s aligned with their needs.

Everyone’s life situation is different and their life insurance policy should reflect that. Whether you have a big budget or a small one. Whether you have a pre-existing condition, a clean bill of health or are looking for life insurance for seniors, the terms are yours to set, and the industry’s to meet.

Life insurance companies are in fierce competition for your business, but if you go direct for a term life quote they hold all the cards. At Best Life Quote we put you in the driver’s seat, even in high risk cases, to find the best life insurance policy at the best price.

When the best life insurance companies compete directly for your business, you win. We’ve saved customers thousands of dollars on their life insurance policies by giving them the power to compare life quotes. Get the BestLifeQuote.com advantage today.


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Hi, I’m Liran Hirschkorn, President of Best Life Quote. First off, I want to thank you for visiting our site, and commend you on your decision to open your search for life insurance to an independent broker. My experiences in the insurance industry are what led me to the conclusion that the only good life insurance policy is one that’s been independently designed and negotiated. In the very real world examples you can read on our reviews page, you can see how without an independent broker these clients, some with pre-existing medical conditions, might never have found an insurer, never mind a policy on their own terms. I won’t pretend that it’s not complicated, but much of the complexity is imposed by insurance companies precisely  to maintain the advantage over their customers. That isn’t fair, and that’s why we’re here; to level the playing field, put you in driver’s seat and make choosing the right insurance policy a breeze.


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