ING Life Insurance Review

Update: As of Sept 1, 2014 ING is now known as Voya Financial.

ING Life Insurance Review

There are a lot of insurance companies on the market that are not the most reliable or trustworthy. As a life insurance agent, it’s my duty to help customers find policies through companies that I would be comfortable purchasing insurance through.

There are thousands of different insurance companies, which can make finding one of the most reputable life companies a difficult journey, but we are here to help you sift through all the options.

As an independent life insurance agent, I am comfortable representing ING Life Insurance among the 30+ companies I represent. There are several reasons why I represent ING Life Insurance, which I will outline in this review of the company.

ING Review: Financial Strength

Serving more than 13 million customers, ING USA is the fourth largest term life insurance provider in the U.S. It also has an “A” rating from A.M. Best (considered Excellent), which means that ING is very strong financially.  If you’re looking for a company that you can trust, and won’t have to worry about going out of business, then ING could be one of the best choice

The review page of the Better Business Bureau shows not a single complaint against ING in the last three years, which is hard to find among life insurance companies. Of course if you “google” long enough you’re bound to find negative reviews of almost every single life insurance company, including ING. However when you have millions of customers, some will always go online and vent their frustration for one reason or another.  You’ll find negative comments towards EVERY life insurance company on the market, but finding a company that doesn’t have any formal complaints through the BBB is a rare occurrence.

Policies Offered

In addition to the financial strength of the company itself, ING offers a return of premium option for its term life insurance policies. This means that customers will be able to get back the cost of the premiums into which they have paid should they live beyond the term period. Although these policies are more expensive, some people like to know that should they outlive their term life policy, they aren’t left empty handed when the policy expires. ING offered this option.   This is a great additional tool for a lot of consumers that think life insurance is a waste of money if you outlive the policy

ING has several types of life insurance policies, and the term insurance plan offered by ING Reliastar is known as ING Term Smart. These term insurance policies are available for periods of 10, 15 and 20 years. Additionally, Term Smart allows those insured to convert their plans to permanent policies without either changing their health ratings or undergoing physical examinations. If you’re looking for the most affordable insurance coverage, term policies are the better option, but as you continue to age, you may find that you want the security of a permanent plan. This is where the Term Smart tool is can be extremely valuable


While ING is competitive in pricing, they are particularly strong in a couple of situations. First, when it comes to ROP (return of premium policies) ING often has the best rates.If you’re looking for a ROP plan, in most cases, ING is going to be the best option.

Aside from excellent rates on their ROP policies, they also have great policy premiums for certain high-risk applicants as well. In addition smokers will often see the best rates with ING as well, and lastly, if you have high cholesterol, ING has very flexible guidelines that will often result in getting better rates with high cholesterol, as opposed to other insurance carriers.


Here is an example of pricing with ING. We’ll compare a 50 year old male applying for $250,000 of 20 year term life coverage at Preferred Plus rates and compare pricing to other carriers:

Monthly Rates:

As you can see ING isn’t the cheapest carrier in this example, but they are only $3 a month off from the best priced company.  Every insurance company is different, and all of them are going to have different rating systems that they used to calculate monthly premiums. You’ll find that you could get drastically different premiums for the same coverage amounts

The pricing example above is why it makes sense to compare rates. Sometimes ING will have the best rate, sometimes they don’t, and comparing quotes is the best way to find the best price for life insurance.

How Much Coverage Do You Need?

Aside from choosing the right company, it’s important that you purchase a large enough plan for your family. If you didn’t have a large enough plan, your family would be left with additional bills and expenses that they wouldn’t have the money to cover. Before you purchase life insurance coverage, it’s important that you calculate how much protection that your family will need. There are several key categories that you should look at when you’re shopping for life insurance.

The first number that you should crunch is your debts and your other final expenses. The primary purpose of your life insurance policy is to give them the money that they need to pay off the mountain of debt that they would be responsible for if something tragic were to happen to you. Add up your mortgage, student loans, car payments, and anything else that your family members would have to pay for.

The next number that you should look at is your annual income. The secondary purpose of your life insurance policy is to give your family the money that they need to replace your paycheck. If you’re one if the main income earners in your home, then they would struggle without that source of money. The more people that you have relying on your income, the more life insurance that you will need to buy. If you’re spouse and kids don’t need your paycheck for basic expenses, then you can consider buying a smaller insurance plan. These smaller plans are going to save you money every month.

The last factor that you should consider is your final expenses, like any burial fees or funeral costs. The average funeral costs around $10,000, which can be difficult for your loved ones to cover. Look at some of the funeral costs in your city to decide how much your family will need.

Getting Affordable Coverage

If you’re like most applicants, your main goal is to find the cheapest term life insurance policy available. There are several changes that you can make to help you save money on your life insurance coverage. These policies are the most important purchases that you’ll make for your loved ones, it shouldn’t break your bank to give them the protection they need.

After you decide which company to purchase your insurance plan through, they will schedule an appointment to have a paramedic come to your house and complete a simple medical exam. The results from the medical exam are going to be used to calculate your monthly rates. If you want to save money, improving your health is a great way to do that. Before you apply for life insurance, start exercising regularly, and a healthy diet. Both of these will help you lose weight, lower your blood pressure, and lower your cholesterol, which are all going to translate into savings on your policy. But if you are currently overweight and need life insurance for obese people, we can help.

Additionally, one of the best ways to save money is by kicking your habits like smoking cigarettes. A smoker is going to pay two or three times more for their insurance coverage than a nonsmoker is going to. It’s time that you put down cigarettes once and for all. While you might enjoy those cigarettes, are they worth paying an additional hundreds or even thousands of dollars on your insurance coverage?

If you’re worried about paying too much for insurance, make sure that you know exactly how much coverage you need to purchase. The larger the policy, the more you’re going to pay every month. Having more coverage than you need is going to mean you pay more every month than you need to. Sit down and talk with your family to discuss your life insurance needs.

If you want to ensure that you’re getting the best rates available, you’ll need to compare quotes from dozens of different companies such as ING, Colonial Penn or Globe Life Insurance and we can help you with that. You could spend days talking to different insurance companies, instead let us do all of that work for you. As I mentioned earlier in the post, we represent dozens of the most highly rated companies and can help you find the perfect company for your life insurance needs.

You can use our quote tool right on this page to compare quotes, or call us at 888-552-6159 and we would be happy to discuss your life insurance needs.

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