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Life Insurance Medical Exams

life insurance medical exam

When applying for life insurance, people are often concerned about the health exams or blood tests that might be required. Medical exams are common when it comes to life insurance. Once you understand how the exam will be conducted, you can become comfortable with the life insurance medical exam. In this article: How Do Life […]

Life Insurance Application Questions

life insurance questions

When applying for life insurance, it is important for the insurer to learn as much as possible prior to taking on a client. This is because the insurer is essentially taking a big risk with each applicant that they approve, in terms of the amount they could potentially have to pay out. To learn more […]

Lying on Your Life Insurance Policy

Everything you know about telling a lie is true. It isn’t a good idea. No news flash, of course — lying about anything can get you in trouble. But if you think about it, telling the truth often isn’t any great shakes either. That’s why so many people who could tell the truth, don’t. You […]

Understanding the Life Insurance Underwriting Process

pen on a life insurance application needing a signature

When you’re applying for any kind of life insurance, you must go through the underwriting process. We’ve been in the insurance industry for years, and we are still getting questions about underwriting. The most common question is, “What in the world is underwriting?!” So let’s take a closer look at the life insurance underwriting process. […]

Understanding Life Insurance Health Ratings and Table Ratings

Everyone who applies for life insurance is assessed for coverage. Insurers provide coverage and premium rates in accordance with an applicant’s risk level. To that end, insurance companies typically place applicants in categories relative to their risk which involves their health as well as lifestyle choices. Smoking, for example, as a behavior associated with health […]

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