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Privacy Policy

Your trust is our most important asset. We will never use your personal information in any way which is not explicitly spelled out in this privacy policy, and for the reasons stated below.

When you fill out forms on this site, you are agreeing to allow us to use this information to provide third-party insurers with data from which they may generate personalized quotes for you. We collect your information and transmit it to third-party insurance companies, who use it to supply you with individual term life insurance quotes. This is the only use to which we will ever put the personal information with which you provide us.

It is against our policy to sell information from any of our customers to third parties. We do not distribute, disseminate, or in any way give your information to third parties, beyond the distribution as outlined above to the insurance companies which will generate your quotes.

Other Information We Collect

Some non-identifiable information about you may be gathered by tools on our website, such as Google Analytics. This information is never identifiable for purposes of solicitation or contacting you; rather, it used for compiling statistical data about visitors to our website. We may also allow other statistical collection software to access information such as operating system types, types of browsers used, and URL addresses. However, this information is not personally identifiable and is used only to compile statistical data about internet usage. You will not be contacted or identified in any way through the collection of this information.

Outside Websites

We try to carefully screen the websites which are linked to ours. We make every effort to avoid links to websites which are disreputable or which may sell your information to third parties. Unfortunately, we have no control over the privacy policies and terms of use of other websites, and we are not always aware if companion websites change their policies.

If you click on a link to an outside website which takes you to a location other than ours, the privacy policy and terms of use of that website apply. If the website does not protect your information, you should not give personal data if you do not want it to be used according to that website’s policies. You should always read the privacy policy of any website before giving personal information, in order to avoid having your information sold or given to a third party.

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