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Life Insurance Over 60

couple in their 60s researching life insurance on a tablet

Many people have life insurance policies in place by the time they reach middle age. Most have their first child by this point, get married, and/or get mortgages and other things that would need to be taken care of if anything should happen to them. After all, life insurance is not really for the individual […]

Life Insurance For 67 Year Olds | Is It Too Expensive?

67 year old man getting help with his life insurance from younger agent

Some people believe you can’t get good life insurance policies when you’re ‘past your prime’, meaning, if you are thinking about purchasing life insurance at 67 years old, it’s ok, we can help you find a policy today. There is the popular opinion that companies are just going to deny you a policy or jack […]

Life Insurance For 62 Year Olds

life insurance for 62 year olds

Many people think that they cannot get affordable coverage past their 60s, but there are actually many options available. Those who are at or nearing retirement are actually one of the biggest and most important customer bases for life insurance companies. It’s possible to get reasonable life insurance rates at 62 years old, but it […]

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