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Best Life Insurance for Children

life insurance for children

Life insurance on your children is an interesting, and sometimes controversial, topic in insurance circles. In this post, we’ll strip away the confusion to consider the benefits of life insurance on your children. That way you can decide whether you need this kind of protection in your family. Since you can’t buy term life insurance […]

Life Insurance for Parents

life insurance for parents

Can you guess one of the most popular reasons to buy life insurance? Among our clients, “becoming a parent” ranks right up near the top. It makes sense: Parents are the center of their children’s worlds, both emotionally and financially. If one parent died, could the surviving parent carry the whole financial burden alone? Or […]

Who Needs Life Insurance?

Who Needs Life Insurance

If you’re someone who believes you don’t need life insurance, you may want to reconsider. Buying a life insurance policy isn’t just for parents and married couples. According to recent statistics, more than a third of American households would suffer if the primary income-earner passed away. Still, only 59% have a life insurance policy to […]

Calculating Your Life Insurance Premiums

Your Life Insurance Premiums

Life insurance, often considered the bedrock of solid financial planning, can sometimes be a maze. The premiums – the amounts you pay for a policy – are influenced by many factors. By understanding what affects these rates, you can make informed decisions and possibly save in the long run. Let’s demystify how your life insurance […]

Best Life Insurance In Your 30s and 40s

family smiling together, couple in their 30s

You’ve started to reach the stage of life where you’ve settled down. You may have a mortgage, maybe a family with some kids. Hopefully, you have a steady paycheck coming in. Or maybe none of these factors describe you. Each person and family is different. Long gone are the days of the “nuclear family,” with […]

Life Insurance for Seniors at Age 65 Or Older

couple with life insurance for people over 65

By age 65, it is likely that you have already purchased a life insurance policy, and it’s possible that you are looking to extend that policy (if it is term life insurance). If you are one of the many Americans without life insurance coverage at this age, there’s still a good chance that you need […]

Should I Get Life Insurance in my 20s?

should i get life insurance in my 20s

In your 20s, the future looks exciting and adventurous, with few clouds and no discernible shadow of potential tragedy. Though you’re unlikely to look to the end of your life from this sunny vantage point, this is actually an excellent time to think ahead and plan for the future. You’re on your own now and […]

Gerber Life Insurance Review

gerber life insurance

There can be any number of reasons to apply for life insurance. These can include having the assurance that loved ones will be able to go on financially in an unexpected tragic situation. As well as providing a means of payment for one’s funeral and other final expenses. Many people can qualify for life insurance […]

Life Insurance Over 60

couple in their 60s researching life insurance on a tablet

Many people have life insurance policies in place by the time they reach middle age. Most have their first child by this point, get married, and/or get mortgages and other things that would need to be taken care of if anything should happen to them. After all, life insurance is not really for the individual […]

Life Insurance for 40 Year Olds

life insurance for 40 year olds

If you’re 40 years old (or older) and are seriously considering purchasing a life insurance policy, then you’re probably also looking for the best rates. Life insurance is one of the most important financial safety nets you can buy for your loved ones. It’s one of the few ways to guarantee that your family will […]

Should College Students Get Life Insurance?

College Students Get Life Insurance

Today the economy is unpredictable, and student debts continue to rise. Many parents and guardians find themselves grappling with an unexpected question: should they get life insurance for their college-going child? While the thought of life insurance is generally reserved for those a bit further down the timeline of life, the present-day context paints a […]

Single People and Life Insurance: It’s Still Essential

single person pondering if he needs life insurance

Most adults around the age of 45 with a wife and three children understand the need for a solid life insurance policy. They understand that this is a key factor in securing their family’s personal finances in the event of their untimely death. Single individuals, on the other hand, may not see a reason to […]

Life Insurance For Stay-At-Home Mom/Parent

stay at home mom life insurance

Life insurance is typically reserved for working parents, but it can also be useful to have for stay-at-home mothers as well. No one wants to think about a parent dying, especially not when that individual has young children, but life insurance is an important part of providing security for your family. Even though a stay-at-home […]

Life Insurance In Your 30s

life insurance in your 30s

Many people buy life insurance in their 30’s because this is the time many of us begin to settle down and raise families. Many hesitate to purchase insurance because they worry that the cost will be too expensive for their budgets. However, there are a variety of affordable options available that make the purchase attainable […]

AARP Life Insurance Review 2023

aarp life insurance review

We all know we will eventually pass away, but thinking or planning for it can be very uncomfortable. Still, buying a life insurance policy provides protection for your loved ones or business partners when you pass. Though you’ve probably heard of the AARP, you may not be aware that AARP offers several life insurance products […]

Best Life Insurance for People Over 50

couple in their 50s researching life insurance online at their home

Yes, shopping for life insurance coverage in your 50s works differently than it did in your 30s. Rates for the same coverage will cost more now. But you could also save if you need less coverage or a different type of policy. Let’s explore the best life insurance companies and types of coverage for people […]

Life Insurance For 67 Year Olds | Is It Too Expensive?

67 year old man getting help with his life insurance from younger agent

Some people believe you can’t get good life insurance policies when you’re ‘past your prime’, meaning, if you are thinking about purchasing life insurance at 67 years old, it’s ok, we can help you find a policy today. There is the popular opinion that companies are just going to deny you a policy or jack […]

Life Insurance For 62 Year Olds

life insurance for 62 year olds

Many people think that they cannot get affordable coverage past their 60s, but there are actually many options available. Those who are at or nearing retirement are actually one of the biggest and most important customer bases for life insurance companies. It’s possible to get reasonable life insurance rates at 62 years old, but it […]

Should You Buy Life Insurance When You’re Young?

Life Insurance for Skydivers

There’s a great line in the classic 1946 movie, It’s a Wonderful Life, in which an exasperated elderly man says, “Oh, youth is wasted on the young.” He’s exasperated not just because the two won’t kiss in the moonlight but because he thinks the young couple played by Jimmy Stewart and Donna Reed don’t realize […]

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