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How to Choose Life Insurance Effectively

How to choose a life insurance policy

Understanding the Need for Life Insurance Life insurance is a cornerstone of financial planning, yet it often goes undiscussed due to its association with dying. However, knowing how to choose life insurance is a pivotal decision that can offer peace of mind and financial stability for those you leave behind. If your life insurance knowledge […]

How Does Life Insurance Work?

how does life insurance work

Life insurance mitigates financial risks when the insured person dies. It’s actually a very straightforward concept. The life insurance policy (contract) is simply a promise to pay in exchange for a premium. What makes life insurance confusing to most people is the number of promises that can be a part of the contract. These are […]

The Basics of Life Insurance

life insurance 101

Considering life insurance? Purchasing life insurance is one of the best ways to protect the people you love, but it is often met with reserve and placed on the backburner. Although discussing your impending passing is never an easy conversation, it is a critical one to have. If you passed away tomorrow, what financial situation […]

Is Life Insurance Protected from Creditors?

250000 term life insurance

Investments are important and making sure that your finances are in order should be at the top of the list. That’s why we believe life insurance is a great first step in the right direction. You need to understand the protection that you’re providing your family. And how they will be able to use the […]

Life Insurance Contestability Period

Life Insurance Contestability

Life insurance is a complicated topic. There are tons of factors and terms that you’ll need to understand in order to have the best protection for your loved ones. While it can be a confusing purchase, we are here to ensure that you have the information and resources that you need to make the best […]

Spousal Rights to Life Insurance

Spousal rights to life insurance

It probably wouldn’t make a good scene in a horror movie, but it would be horrific.  Do you know what your spousal rights to life insurance are? Imagine for a moment that you’re a grieving widow. In your grief, you push aside your emotions and start thinking about your late husband’s life insurance policy. After […]

Life Insurance Company Financial Ratings

life insurance company ratings

Many factors go into choosing the right life insurance company. Because life insurance is a long-term investment, you’ll want to be sure that you’re selecting a provider who will meet your needs. You’ll also want a company with a proven history of financial stability. This is important for all types of insurance, but it’s especially […]

Life Insurance Settlement Options

Life Insurance board with related terms

There are two main parts to any life insurance policy. The person who bought the plan, and the person who’s going to receive the payout from the policy, also called the beneficiary. The way the money is paid to the beneficiary is called the settlement. Understanding Life Insurance Settlement Options The most common way a […]

Life Insurance with a Structured Settlement

girl thinking about life insurance

One of the biggest questions that people often have about life insurance is how it relates to other kinds of financial vehicles and financial planning. Structured settlements are one popular topic of discussion. Structured settlements can be a real lifesaver for a family. They’re not very prominent types of assets, and some people don’t even […]

How Much Life Insurance Do You Need?

Calculating how much life insurance you need

We often get through life by making educated guesses. You’re fixing dinner, using a recipe you’ve never used and suddenly realize you don’t have the rosemary leaves the culinary website or cookbook calls for. So you use basil and hope for the best. And from what I’ve seen, we do the same thing with life […]

Life Insurance Scam

It doesn’t matter where you have a dollar or a million of them, a credit card or a check, a piggy bank of a pension. If you have money, a crook wants it. Which explains why there are so many deceptions involving life insurance. For centuries now, con artists have tried to scam life insurance […]

The World’s Record for the Largest Life Insurance Policy

Piles of Cash Layed out

It’s the type of problem we all want. What if you come to realize that you need a really big life insurance policy? …because you’re really, really, really rich? The World’s Largest Life Insurance Policy Many of us don’t have this “problem,” but some people do, and it happened in 2014, in a big way. […]

Does Life Insurance Pay for Suicidal Death?

Suicide and Life Insurance

It’s a long-held belief that life insurance doesn’t pay out if the policy holder kills themselves. But that’s a misunderstood belief and partially a myth. This is a complex topic, but if you’re curious how the two concepts of life insurance and suicide intermingle, here’s what you need to know. Will Life Insurance Companies Cover […]

How Missing Person Life Insurance Works

claiming life insurance without a body

It’s entertaining to read about in a murder mystery or to watch on a fictional television show, but heartbreaking in real life. Sometimes when people die, there’s no actual proof that the death occurred. Planes crash in the water, their passengers never to be seen again. People are murdered, and their bodies are never found. […]

The History of Life Insurance

History of Life Insurance

If you enjoy watching an entertaining, old-fashioned western on TV, then you would probably accept the notion of a gunslinger jumping out of a window and falling two stories onto a moving horse and taking out eight bad guys with a six-shooter… and find it all perfectly believable. But odds are, if a Hollywood scriptwriter […]

Life Insurance During and After a Divorce

Divorced couple discussing life insurance

As we go down the road of life, there will be many changes. Some are happy, and some are not. If your marriage does not work out – especially if there are children involved – divorce can bring about a wide array of changes in all of your lives. As bills and expenses begin to […]

Dave Ramsey On Life Insurance

one green die with the word good and one red die with the word bad

Dave Ramsey has become a star in personal financial planning circles. One of the things he constantly comments on is life insurance. But should you listen to him?… It depends. Sometimes, he doesn’t get his facts straight and only tells you half of the story. What Does Dave Ramsey Say About Life Insurance? While Ramsey’s […]

How To Choose Your Life Insurance Beneficiary

Life Insurance beneficiary

It’s a pretty morbid thought – someone is going to financially benefit from your death. But should it really creep you out? Life Insurance Beneficiaries The purpose of life insurance is to provide much-needed money that you’re no longer able to provide yourself. It says “I will honor my financial commitments, even after I’m dead.” […]

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