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Is Life Insurance Protected from Creditors?

250000 term life insurance

Investments are important and making sure that your finances are in order should be at the top of the list. That’s why we believe life insurance is a great first step in the right direction. You need to understand the protection that you’re providing your family. And how they will be able to use the […]

Physicians Life Insurance

physicians life insurance

Life insurance coverage should be considered as an integral part of any good solid financial plan – both personal and business. The proceeds from such policies can be used to provide numerous benefits, including the payment of final expenses, paying off a mortgage or other debt, funding a child’s future college education costs, or providing […]

Buy Sell Life Insurance Agreement

million dollar term life insurance

If you co-own a business, one of your primary concerns must be business continuity if one partner dies or becomes permanently disabled. A buy sell life insurance agreement can provide just that. Without careful planning, the survivor may not have complete control over the transfer of the business. Entering into a buy sell agreement with […]

Risky Jobs and Life Insurance

life insurance for high risk jobs

So you have a risky job. Or perhaps you have a son or daughter who does. And you’re wondering how life insurance will fit into the picture. Well, the good news is that you or your loved ones probably can get life insurance. The bad news is that “probably” part. Moreover, you may not be able to […]

Life Insurance For An SBA Loan

life insurance for sba loan

Trying to get quality insurance products at an affordable price can be a tricky process. When applying for a small business loan through a bank or the governmental SBA (Small Business Administration) program, some small business owners are surprised to learn that one of the requirements is having a life insurance policy with a collateral […]

Key Man Life Insurance

As an entrepreneur, your business has a critical role in the economy’s growth. Your creative thinking and innovation is evident in the products, services, and the jobs you create. However, the company you worked so hard to build can vanish at a moment’s notice if you’re not properly insured. Your business is your livelihood. There […]

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