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$750k Term Life Insurance

750k term life insurance

Most adults understand that they need life insurance to cover financial risks when they die, especially if you have a family who relies on your income to take care of monthly expenses that will need to be dealt with if you should die unexpectedly. However, what many adults are not sure about is how much […]

Best $250,000 Term Life Insurance Options

250000 term life insurance

Buying a $250,000 term life insurance policy is pretty easy.  There isn’t a lot of research needed to make your choice.  Pretty much all life insurance carriers offer term policies for $250k.  What you need to consider is what company will have the best rates for you based on your health and lifestyle. Our term […]

Best Million Dollar Term Life Insurance Options Now

Best Million Dollar Term Life Insurance Options

A million-dollar life insurance policy could seem like a lot, but it can also be too much. When calculating your life insurance needs, for your family and loved ones, it may be just the right amount to provide financially for your family when you die. If you are shopping for term life insurance to pay […]

Lincoln Heritage Funeral Advantage Review 2023

Lincoln Heritage Funeral Advantage

If you are considering a Lincoln Heritage Funeral Advantage final expense insurance policy, this review will provide detailed answers to all your questions. Before purchasing any form of insurance, it’s best to do your research by looking into what a policy offers you, how it works, and how much it costs. Final expense policies are […]

LIRP: Life Insurance Retirement Plan


A Life Insurance Retirement Plan, or LIRP, is a uniquely structured permanent life insurance policy that can do a great deal more than just deliver a death benefit. A LIRP is a life insurance strategy that mimics most of the tax-free features of a Roth IRA. A smartly funded LIRP can offer significant streams of […]

No Exam Life Insurance For Smokers

no exam life insurance for smokers

Smokers worried about paying expensive life insurance premiums often ask about no-exam coverage. After all, they say, if I’m going to pay super high tobacco premiums anyway, I may as well skip the medical exam. That’s a logical assumption, but it’s not always correct: Many smokers can still get affordable life insurance rates even with […]

Cheap Life Insurance | Tips + 5 Best Providers

cheap life insurance

It’s easier than ever to find cheap life insurance, yet many people still think buying coverage would be too expensive, too big a hassle, or both. So they put off buying life insurance until they have more money. Or they decide to wait until they have more time to deal with the applications, the medical […]

Return of Premium Life Insurance

woman researching cost of return of premium life insurance policy

Today’s life insurance policies often come with many bells and whistles, offering policyholders some options that might even sound too good to be true. One case, having all of your premiums returned if you survive the term of the policy, maybe a prime example. …unless you know where to look for the hidden costs. You […]

Is Life Insurance Protected from Creditors?

250000 term life insurance

Investments are important and making sure that your finances are in order should be at the top of the list. That’s why we believe life insurance is a great first step in the right direction. You need to understand the protection that you’re providing your family. And how they will be able to use the […]

Physicians Life Insurance

physicians life insurance

Life insurance coverage should be considered as an integral part of any good solid financial plan – both personal and business. The proceeds from such policies can be used to provide numerous benefits, including the payment of final expenses, paying off a mortgage or other debt, funding a child’s future college education costs, or providing […]

$100,000 Term Life Insurance Policy

100000 dollar term life insurance

Those that are interested in $100,000 term life insurance have several options to choose from. There are generally 2 categories to consider, policies that require an exam, and no exam policies. While it sounds great to buy a life insurance policy that does not require a physical medical exam, it may not be the right […]

ANICO Life Insurance Review | Term and No Exam

anico life insurance

It is always best to do your research and make sure that you choose an insurance carrier that provides the right type and amount of insurance that is best for you, as well as one that has a reputation for paying its claims in a timely manner. One insurance company that fits these criteria is […]

Buy Sell Life Insurance Agreement

million dollar term life insurance

If you co-own a business, one of your primary concerns must be business continuity if one partner dies or becomes permanently disabled. A buy sell life insurance agreement can provide just that. Without careful planning, the survivor may not have complete control over the transfer of the business. Entering into a buy sell agreement with […]

Annual Renewable Term Life Insurance

annual renewable term life insurance

Many factors affect how long a consumer chooses to carry a term life policy. These might include their age, the price of the policy, and the reason they are getting life insurance in the first place. When you purchase a term life insurance policy, it is valid for a set amount of time. Usually, the […]

15 Year Term Life Insurance

15 year term life insurance

This article is going to look at some of the advantages of a 15-year term life insurance policy and when you should consider purchasing one of these versus some of the other options. When shopping for term life insurance, the biggest choice is how long your coverage length should be. This is because at the […]

25 Year Term Life Insurance

hands of couple filling out life insurance papers for 25 year term life insurance policy

You might already be familiar with a 20 or 30 year term, but have you heard of 25 year term life insurance? The following article discusses the benefits of buying such a policy and the differences in price between the 20, 25, and 30-year term policies. We’ll also cover the best life insurance providers that […]

What is Graded Benefit Life Insurance?

what is graded benefit life insurance

Most people think that you get denied for life insurance because of a health condition. However, there may be other reasons why someone may get denied for life insurance. For example, a dangerous driving history that includes multiple DUIs or reckless driving, recent treatment for alcohol or drug abuse, a criminal record, or even a […]

$25,000 Term Life Insurance

25000 life insurance options

Life insurance policies often come in six figures or more in order to cover a variety of expenses, debts, and of course absence of income. In fact, a lot of life insurance companies have minimum policy amounts between $50,000 and $100,000. That said, a $25,000 policy is attainable— you just have to know where to […]

Risky Jobs and Life Insurance

life insurance for high risk jobs

So you have a risky job. Or perhaps you have a son or daughter who does. And you’re wondering how life insurance will fit into the picture. Well, the good news is that you or your loved ones probably can get life insurance. The bad news is that “probably” part. Moreover, you may not be able to […]

10 Year Term Life Insurance

10 year term life insurance

One of the most confusing parts of life insurance is deciding the best type of coverage. Every family has different life insurance needs. Because of its price and flexibility, term is the most popular choice on the market. But even if you’ve decided on a term plan, you still need to decide how long you’re […]

Life Insurance For An SBA Loan

life insurance for sba loan

Trying to get quality insurance products at an affordable price can be a tricky process. When applying for a small business loan through a bank or the governmental SBA (Small Business Administration) program, some small business owners are surprised to learn that one of the requirements is having a life insurance policy with a collateral […]

FEGLI | Life Insurance as a Federal Employee

Life insurance can be a tricky topic. Every person is different and is in different situations. It’s almost impossible to make any statements or decisions that will apply to everyone. It’s important that you have the insurance coverage that your family will need if something were to happen to you. Many people assume that federal […]

Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance: Good or Bad Deal?

If you’ve never shopped for life insurance before, you may not know how many kinds of plans there are. You may assume they are all the same. If you were buying a security system for your home, you would compare several different systems to make sure your family is safe. Life insurance works the same […]

Second To Die Life Insurance

last will and testiment

Life insurance comes with many different options, and you may have heard about second to die life insurance. We’ll cover how this type of life insurance works and its primary uses in this article. What Is Second to Die Life Insurance? Also known as Survivorship Life Insurance or in some cases, Dual-Life Insurance, Second to […]

Types Of Life Insurance Explained

The proceeds from life insurance – which are received by the beneficiary free of income tax – can be used for a wide variety of needs. These can include the payoff of debt, the continuation of living expenses, and/or for paying the funeral and other final expenses of the decedent. While there used to be […]

Decreasing Term Life Insurance

There is an almost endless number of different life insurance plans that you can choose from. You have many options to give your family the protection that they need. Each kind of life insurance plan has different advantages as well as disadvantages that you should consider. These will depend on your specific needs so that […]

One Million Dollar Life Insurance Policy

I know a million dollar life insurance policy sounds like a lot of money. But many people with families should have a million dollar policy or higher. When you add up the mortgage, replacing your income, and covering future college tuition for your kids, you can quickly see how a $1,000,000 policy makes sense. This […]

Key Man Life Insurance

As an entrepreneur, your business has a critical role in the economy’s growth. Your creative thinking and innovation is evident in the products, services, and the jobs you create. However, the company you worked so hard to build can vanish at a moment’s notice if you’re not properly insured. Your business is your livelihood. There […]

Term Versus Whole Life Insurance

Life insurance is a type of thing nobody wants to pay for but is always glad they did when the need arises. In addition, it’s an integral part of any financial plan, especially when young children or dependents are involved. Anyone that has loved ones who depend on them financially should not leave them without […]

Replacing Whole Insurance Life with Term

Life insurance can be purchased for any number of different reasons. Often, because life takes us through so many changes, the needs that life insurance was originally meant to cover may also have changed. When this is the case, it typically makes sense to re-review your plan and alter the amount of your proceeds, the […]

Buy Term, Invest the Difference, and Create a Future Retirement Income

Life insurance should be considered a part of any financial plan. The proceeds from a life insurance policy can provide numerous benefits. The most obvious include the payment of the insured’s final expenses, the balance of a mortgage, or the funding of a child’s future college education. Life insurance would also provide ongoing income to […]

Variable Life Insurance: Stay Away

Life insurance is unique in that— unlike other forms of insurance— the policyholder is not the person who is protected. Instead, it is the beneficiary (or beneficiaries) who is protected when the policyholder passes away. Basically, you buy life insurance for your loved ones, not for you. Variable life insurance, which is designed to build […]

Life Insurance FAQs

Today I want to talk to you about some common term life insurance questions and answers. So let’s talk a little bit about some common questions, as well as answers to questions about term life insurance. Life Insurance Frequently Asked Questions Can the life insurance company cancel the policy for any reason? Other than nonpayment […]

Group Term Life Insurance

Employer shaking hands with employee signing up for Group Life Insurance

Group life insurance is often provided as part of a complete employee benefits package. In fact, the affordability of coverage is one of the primary attractions to many employers that offer benefits such as life insurance. Group life insurance plans cover a broad group of people. So it is relatively inexpensive for each individual person. […]

20 Year Term Life Insurance: Why You Should Buy

We talk to a lot of applicants who have no idea how long of a plan they should buy. It’s an easier decision than you might think. This article is going to look at the advantages of 20-year term plans and help you decide if they are a good choice. Term Life: is 20 Years […]

IUL As A Retirement Saving Option

Having life insurance in retirement can be comforting and seem worthwhile if you don’t have a big enough nest egg to leave your family when you die. Since life insurance is often used to replace income if you die prematurely during your working life to protect your family from financial disaster without your income, it […]

What is Accidental Death Insurance and Should You Have Some?

Fatal accidents occur so often that insurance companies now offer accidental death benefit life insurance riders and policies. What are accidental death benefit riders? What are accidental death benefit policies? It is very important to know the difference. Read on to find out. AD&D Insurance If you have an accidental death benefit, it means that […]

30 Year Term Life Policy

The whole point of term life insurance policies is that they provide you with coverage when you need it the most— when you are still working and have family members who are dependent on you. So depending on when you decide to apply for life insurance, a 10 to 20-year policy could suit you and […]

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