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Who Needs Life Insurance?

Who Needs Life Insurance

If you’re someone who believes you don’t need life insurance, you may want to reconsider. Buying a life insurance policy isn’t just for parents and married couples. According to recent statistics, more than a third of American households would suffer if the primary income-earner passed away. Still, only 59% have a life insurance policy to […]

Single People and Life Insurance: It’s Still Essential

single person pondering if he needs life insurance

Most adults around the age of 45 with a wife and three children understand the need for a solid life insurance policy. They understand that this is a key factor in securing their family’s personal finances in the event of their untimely death. Single individuals, on the other hand, may not see a reason to […]

Life Insurance For Stay-At-Home Mom/Parent

stay at home mom life insurance

Life insurance is typically reserved for working parents, but it can also be useful to have for stay-at-home mothers as well. No one wants to think about a parent dying, especially not when that individual has young children, but life insurance is an important part of providing security for your family. Even though a stay-at-home […]

Should You Buy Life Insurance When You’re Young?

Life Insurance for Skydivers

There’s a great line in the classic 1946 movie, It’s a Wonderful Life, in which an exasperated elderly man says, “Oh, youth is wasted on the young.” He’s exasperated not just because the two won’t kiss in the moonlight but because he thinks the young couple played by Jimmy Stewart and Donna Reed don’t realize […]

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