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Life Insurance for Smokers

life insurance for smokers

Life insurance offers financial security for you and your loved ones. For smokers, understanding how smoking affects life insurance premiums is essential. Generally, smokers pay higher premiums than non-smokers due to the increased health risks associated with smoking. Smoking is considered a high-risk activity by insurance companies. This is because numerous studies have linked smoking […]

No Exam Life Insurance For Smokers

no exam life insurance for smokers

Smokers worried about paying expensive life insurance premiums often ask about no-exam coverage. After all, they say, if I’m going to pay super high tobacco premiums anyway, I may as well skip the medical exam. That’s a logical assumption, but it’s not always correct: Many smokers can still get affordable life insurance rates even with […]

How Using E-Cigarettes Affects Your Life Insurance

e cigarette smokers life insurance

You probably know that life insurance companies aren’t a fan of cigarettes. You know about smoker’s rates and how expensive they can be, but how do e-cigs fit into the life insurance equation? With the popularity of smoking cigarettes decreasing and the high rates for life insurance when smoking, many smokers are turning to tobacco […]

Getting Term Life Insurance as a Cigar Smoker

Most people who enjoy cigars assume that, when it comes to term life insurance, they will automatically be given the much more expensive “Smokers’ Rates” as a result. However, this is not necessarily the case. If you smoke cigars, and only cigars (no other forms of tobacco/nicotine), you are actually eligible for non-tobacco rates with […]

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