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Life Insurance for Skydivers

man skydiving and smiling and holding two thumbs up

As a skydiver, you understand the importance of living life to the fullest. In fact, you make a point to live in a way that will leave you with no regrets. As exhilarating as this sport is, it is important to ensure that your family would be taken care of should something happen to you. […]

Life Insurance for Scuba Divers

two scuba divers among a school of fish near a reef

Believe it or not, life insurance does tend to differ when it comes to scuba divers. This is due to that fact that extreme sports such as scuba diving do carry risk. Life insurance for scuba divers varies incredibly depending on many factors, and if you don’t use the right life insurance company based on […]

Life Insurance for Pilots

life insurance for pilots

Buying a life insurance policy can be a little confusing, and it’s even harder if your hobbies or career are considered “high risk” by the insurer. High-risk candidates often face higher rates and policy limitations that people with other jobs and habits do not. If you’re a pilot, understanding how your aviation affects your life […]

High Risk Activities That Increase Life Insurance Premiums

high risk life insurance

A variety of different factors are considered when underwriters are analyzing an applicant for approval for coverage. In addition to the standard health conditions that are reviewed, an applicant’s occupation and outside activities are also considered. As these can have an effect on the individual’s life expectancy. High-Risk Activities and Life Insurance In many cases, […]

High Risk Occupations and Life Insurance

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People don’t usually think about high risk occupations being a concern with insurance. It’s obvious that pre-existing health conditions, such as smoking or being overweight, cause providers to worry about their liability risk when discussing coverage options. In those cases, insurance providers have every reason to be concerned since these types of policyholders would have […]

Life Insurance for Active Duty Military

army soldier holding coffee cup in kitchen smiling

There are options for life insurance for active-duty military members with a variety of different components. Servicemembers Group Life Insurance (SGLI), Veterans’ Group Life Insurance (VGLI), and Conversion options, are just a few of the major components. Reaching a greater awareness of the features of each gives you the details that allow you to make […]

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